Who are we?

Inolif is a platform established by professionals with extensive experience in various technical and managerial positions in different national and international companies and industries such as Energy transfer and distribution, Heating & cooling, White goods, Packaging, Automotive, Construction, Rail systems, Electric and electronic, Telecommunications.

We believe that change and progress are only possible through collective work by brave, reliable, determined and hardworking people who follow and apply new generation change methods. Our innovative team makes Inolif an innovative company at every level. We work with our customers and partners to create an ecosystem that anticipates the needs of people and helps customers better utilize their resources.

About Us

Our experienced team manages the supplier selection, development, and alignment processes for our national and international customers. We are part of our customers’ design and production development activities.

We are the offices in Turkey, team colleagues, trainers, consultants, and managers. Additionally, we serve as distributors managing the marketing-sales activities of our customers’ products and services in the Turkish, Middle Eastern, Gulf and African markets, fulfilling our collective work goal. This way, we help our customers grow and support sustainable development while placing our customers at the center of everything.

About Us

We are ethical, passionate, responsible, efficient, transparent, and open to learning. These qualities not only support our inclusive culture but also form the basis for an open and inclusive work environment. We know that our employees are the most important factor in our success. The colleagues we work with in the projects or processes managed with our customers are also our employees. We believe that each employee is a unique individual with different perspectives, different backgrounds, and different experiences that influence their own ideas and thoughts. These differences and perspectives lead to innovative ideas, better decisions, and also enhance our reputation as a thought leader for our company and customers.

What are we doing?


Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the coordination and management of activities involved in the production and delivery of a product or service.



GreenLif is dedicated to promoting sustainability and reducing carbon footprint. We believe in a future where clean energy is the norm, and we are committed to making it a reality. 


Sales and Marketing

Find everything you need for your industrial operations all in one place. From raw materials to lifting equipment, we have a comprehensive range of high-quality products that will help your business run smoothly.


Project Management

Project management is the process of organizing, planning, and executing a project from start to finish. 


Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are powerful tools for personal and professional development. 


Management Consultancy

Management consultancy is a specialized field that provides businesses with expert advice and guidance to help them achieve their goals.