Our Policies

Our Policies

Work & Life Balance

We strive to create a balance between work and life, which requires conscious and deliberate personal choices and managerial support. We promote health and well-being to enhance individual growth and team performance. We continuously improve our working environment, framework, and policies to foster flexible and well-being-friendly personal working styles. We adjust our working styles to suit the modern world and support individuals in shaping their time, work areas, and development according to their needs. We encourage dedicating some time to volunteering, community service, and social causes. We keep our HR processes updated to provide innovative leave policies for special moments in life. 

We apply training and coaching methods to enhance physical and mental well-being and smarter working ways. We value and consider different opinions and suggestions, offer opportunities for growth to enhance the performance of our employees, demonstrate social and environmental responsibility, abide by laws and ethical values, and adopt a transparent and honest management approach. Our human resources are open to change and growth, customer-focused, believe in teamwork, aim for accuracy in the first attempt, love their job, and are committed. They are aligned with our strategy, goals, and objectives, efficiently use resources, and have high environmental and workplace safety awareness. We expect them to act as a role model for society and exhibit high social responsibility awareness, while adhering to ethical values and laws. We take sensitivity to worker exploitation very seriously and protect the most vulnerable against exploitation. We are aware of the working conditions of those around us and are responsible for taking action against exploitation, whether it’s child labor, forced labor, or poor working conditions. We continuously monitor and evaluate our value chain to ensure that everyone works in safe conditions and reasonable hours, and that no one earns less than the minimum wage. We also hold our suppliers…

Our Policies

Company Safety Culture

INOLIF values safety and believes it is the responsibility of everyone to create a secure, clean, and organized work environment. Inolif’s safety culture is more than just a principle, it is a fundamental business practice and a daily application. This applies to suppliers, contractors, and customers as well. Inolif strives for the highest standards of safety excellence and ensures compliance with all legal and other obligations related to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

Inolif continuously improves OHS by adopting a principle of continuous improvement and an incentive proposal system. Inolif evaluates new products, machines, facilities, and processes from an OHS perspective during the planning stage. Inolif also trains and develops its personnel in an OHS culture based on safe behavior. Inolif does not compromise on safety measures and will not perform any work without full authority. Inolif will not neglect safety inspections, controls, or balances. Inolif does not ignore the reporting of accidents or near-miss incidents, and does not overlook lessons learned from accident investigations. Inolif does not tolerate bullying, harassment, or discrimination, and supports a work environment that is free from fear, bullying, sexual harassment, or any other forms of inappropriate behavior. Inolif ensures that its policies are inclusive and its reporting systems are protected against prejudice and fear. Any violations of these policies will be promptly investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

"Delivering Extraordinary Customer Experiences, Every Time"

“Our priority is to satisfy our customers by providing an exceptional and fully customized experience. Think like a customer, act like a customer, become a customer.


Customer Focus

Our customer experience culture is in the DNA of all our employees. We spread the customer’s personality everywhere. We prioritize and make decisions with the customer’s perspective by guiding them to have the best experience, following customer-centered rituals, and always looking through the customer’s lens.


Product and Solution Quality

Throughout the entire life cycle, from creating the solution to production, delivery, implementation, and maintenance, we offer innovative and uncompromising quality. We focus on a digital, customized and predictive experience to meet the customer’s needs.



By using strong analytical methods, we turn our customer experience data into actionable insights, anticipate customer mistakes, prevent customer complaints, and improve all touchpoints. To achieve this, we spread the practice of thinking like the customer to all our teams.


Our Employees

To maximize the results for our customers, we empower our employees with the authority to manage their priorities and decisions. When selecting new talent, we prioritize high customer focus, work as a single team to always serve with priority for the customer.


From Satisfaction to Order

By deeply analyzing customer experiences at all touchpoints, we leverage this to prioritize our investments and determine our sales methods. Positive customer experience is recognized as a strong competitive advantage in our company. These principles are supported by a solid Quality Management System that we continuously improve with efficient processes and tools that are in compliance with the ISO9001 standard. We use these principles throughout Inolif, and we transform our guiding principles into operational goals that are observed in all organizations.